Cranial Helmets


Positional Cranial Deformities- One out of every 300 live births results in a baby born with a positional cranial deformity.


This is characterized by a flattening of the back of the head, with an abnormally short and wide head shape.




This is characterized by the flattening of one side of the occiput, forward progression of the ear on the same side, and bossing of the ipsilateral forehead.



Most often found in premature babies—characterized by a head shape that is narrow and long. Often times this is developed from extended periods of time lying on either or both sides for medical reasons.


Scanning Technology

Advances in scanning technology have provided Orthotists with the ability to replace plaster casting as a method of acquiring accurate molding of the infant's head.

Capital O and P is unique among most other providers in the New England region to offer this advanced technology. While traditional casting is the norm for most other providers, we have made the investment to better serve our patient's needs. With no discomfort, a digital recording is captured in seconds.


This is a highly accurate and repeatable imaging process that allows for detailed evaluation and tracking of symmetry and shape.

Of course, patient comfort is an important, added benefit!

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